80/20 USA Member Requirements
We currently offer two types of memberships: Brand and Retailer. Manufacturers and Service Providers can contact us about partnership opportunities. 80/20 USA reserves the right to deny or revoke a membership for any reason deemed fit. A revoked membership will be given a prorated reimbursement less any membership pack costs.

Certified – With certified members we require the member to provide all manufacturing sources that go into making their final product. We then contact the manufacturers to get a verbal confirmation that (1) raw materials are sourced in America and (2) manufacturing takes place in America. In most cases, as long as all final assembly of the product is in America, 80% of total material cost AND all major components are American Made, the product should meet FTC Requirements and we will certify the product as “80/20 USA – American Made.” We do not ask for physical samples, pictures of manufacturing facilities or visit locations as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) currently does not require this.

Industries Served
We currently only offer our services to the following industries: Apparel & Accessories, Home Goods, and Outdoor & Recreational Products.

Apparel – T-Shirts, Jeans, Shoes and Boots, Hats, Bags and Accessories, etc.

Home Goods – Bathroom Goods, Kitchenware, Home Decor, Tools, etc.

Outdoor and Recreational Products – Knives, Kayaks, Fishing Gear, etc.

Some items might be loosely related to one of these industries, such as Beef Jerky or Granola Bars and Outdoor Products. Please contact us if you’re unsure.

80/20 USA will not be held responsible if any of the following circumstances occur: (1) member or manufacturers are not truthful with their American Made claim, (2) member or manufacturers change their material or manufacturing sources without notifying us (which they’re required to do), (3) Federal Trade Commission, State Agencies or other Federal Agencies change “American Made” claim requirements without our immediate knowledge.

Terms of Logo Use:
The FTC requires that 80/20 USA receives proof for an American Made claim for each product our logo will be used on. Proof can be a verifiable written statement noting the origin of all major components of a product. If member chooses not to provide proof, they may only use our logo on their website or marketing materials. “The Federal Trade Commission requires that all significant parts and processing must be of U.S. origin and product should contain no or negligible foreign content.”

Acceptable Example:
Graphic Tee Shirt – Shirt woven in America with 90% American cotton and 10% foreign cotton, printed in America, tag is made in China. (All assembly is in America, 10% foreign materials and tag is negligible)

Non-Acceptable Example:
Graphic Tee Shirt – Shirt woven in Mexico with 100% American cotton, printed in America, tag is made in America. (Though 100% USA materials, this would be “Assembled in USA” not “Made in USA”)

In the event a member has misused our logo on a product that was “knowingly” not American Made, we hold the right to suspend their membership and license indefinitely. If “accidental” misuse occurs, we will allow members to correct the problem to retain their membership and license. In either case, member may be required to self-report the incident to the FTC and/or other agencies.