Directory of American Made Brands

80/20 USA members are verified annually to ensure our directory stays accurate and up-to-date. Here you can discover brands offering quality Made in USA products and we encourage you to visit member web stores to shop with confidence knowing you’ll be getting a great American Made product while supporting American jobs! We are working to curate the most “authentic” list available, so be sure to check back frequently.

Personal Care & Wellness

Creek Baby

The CreekBaby product line was designed for the selective individual who wants organic, all natural beauty solutions without sacrificing quality and style. At CreekBaby we believe in the power of simple organic ingredients. Many of our items have less than 3 ingredients. We currently offer our skin care line and will be adding cosmetics soon.

Yellville, Arkansas
Damn Handsome Grooming Co.

After moving back to Michigan from Portland, Oregon the husband and wife team behind Damn Handsome had a thirst for craft beer was - well - unquenchable. Fortunately they had one of the largest craft beer cities right in their back yard. After getting to know many of the brewers in the craft beer community - and the more Jarrett and Bridget learned about the craft brewing process - the more they realized so many healthy ingredients went to waste. At the same time they also recognized that when it came to grooming products, guys got the bottom of the barrel as far as natural choices. Enter light bulb. At Damn Handsome Grooming Co we partner with craft breweries to re-purpose their brewed ingredients into natural, healthy provisions. These handsome handmade goods put beauty regimens aside and provide intoxicating grooming essentials for the modern man. And we value giving back, for every Damn Handsome purchase we donate soap to those in need.

Kalamazoo, Michigan
Frank Beauty Inc.

Frank Beauty Inc. is a small, handcrafted haircare line aimed at bringing a man (and perhaps a woman) everything they need to keep their hair healthy and looking good. Making modern products with an old fashioned sensibility, we keep things simple, honest and unique. Our products are made in small batches, are carefully curated and are appropriate for all hair types. We think they’re good. Really good. With twenty-five years in the haircare industry, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Lafayette, California
Lucky Bastard Company

Gentlemen's Lip Balm

Venice, California
Mayron’s Goods

Mayron's Goods, a family-owned, heritage essentials line of natural skincare, unisex, with a mens and baby line as well, with products created and curated by Emmy Award winning actress and director, Melanie Mayron and her chemist father, David.

Los Angeles, California
McClaren Woodshop

It all started with "The O.G." beard comb. I needed a beard comb for myself, and while doing some research, I saw a few different companies offering "Hand-crafted" combs. Upon further inspection, I noticed they were all cleanly cut (using a machine) to be exactly the same.

That's what inspired me to go out into the woodshop and make my own. I couldn't decide on what kind of wood would work best, and then saw my old skateboard from a few years back sitting in the corner. Recycled skateboards are the perfect source for creating lightweight, sturdy beard combs. A few hours in the garage and "The O.G." was created.

We take pride in turning "garbage" into a functional piece of art. Each comb starts its life as a broken skateboard and is shaped by hand in my shop located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas.

Centerton, Arkansas

O’Douds began with a simple search for an all natural pomade. Unable to find this within the current market, Clayton Douds set out to make one on his own. In February of 2014, he released his first traditional pomade, though he still saw his business as a part-time hobby. Interest soon outpaced production, however, and his hobby turned into a full-time business. Over the next year, he created several more products that fit his vision of natural and well-sourced goods.

Brooklyn, New York
Oliver Ridge Company

We're Oliver Ridge Company, and we're makers of quality small batch grooming goods for men. Small batch goods for men, what exactly do you mean? It's not about pushing out a huge selection of products that are just 'okay', we want to release a product that is great before moving onto the next one. Sometimes that means only releasing one product for the year, and sometimes we might get lucky and release a few. It's all about quality and making sure the product is right before we focus our efforts on the next product.

Every product we sell is handcrafted in Omaha Nebraska with a focus on quality and is constantly being tested to ensure we make the best products possible. If we feel the formula needs to be tweaked, we tweak the formula. And when we say tested we’re talking about real life, on your face, in your hair, on your skin testing by men, the same men who make Oliver Ridge Company products. If it’s not good enough for the men of Oliver Ridge Company, then it’s not good enough for you.

Omaha, Nebraska
Ozark Beard Co.

We have always been fans of great beards. Ozark Beard Company was started because we wanted more out of beard care products for a great-low price. OBC wants to change the way most people look at beardsman - a bunch of lazy, unkept dudes. Everyone's beard is their identity and should be showcased so REP THE BEARD!

West Fork, Arkansas
Rustic Supply Co.

Our mission is simple. We aim to supply the world with simple, homemade lifestyle products. This company was founded on the idea that there is no place like home, and what started out as a one man operation, has now expanded far more than we ever had hoped. We want to be able to provide you with a broad range of lifestyle products and gear, and we are constantly evolving. So feel free to look around, and get, "Back to the Roots" with us.

Boston, Massachusetts