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Moonstone Craft

Moonstone Craft

Moonstone Craft is an arts and crafts studio focused on upcycling, minimizing our carbon footprint to positively impact our city, and contribute to a better planet.
100% of raw material used in our products comes mostly from local sources, fulfilling an effort to support local businesses.

I spend every day in my art studio creating home décor from reclaimed glass, designing something new from materials saved from our environment, and inspired by my studies and travels throughout my life. Every item I make is handmade, unique, repurposed and although some are similar, everything varies slightly, making each creation one-of-a-kind.

My goal is to share my creations with those who are motivated to care our environment and can appreciate and welcome my designs into their homes, or give them to their families and friends as unique gifts for a sustainable life style.

We are proud to offer to our customers unique designs made in the USA.

Burbank, California