Anyone can join the 80/20 USA mission and help build America's economy by supporting our members.

Get InvolvedDamn the Man, Buy American Made! ™

Buying American Made has never been more important than any other point in history. Businesses both small and large are striking out to make a difference for our future by bringing manufacturing back to the USA. Here’s how you can help.

1. Start buying American Made today even if it’s just one item, and support 80/20 USA members when you see the logo on their product tags and websites.

2. Don’t just buy brand names. The average labor cost in Asian countries is only $6 per day. Buy American Made and you’re supporting a fellow citizen with a fair wage. If some of your favorite brands still manufacture abroad, take a deep breathe and move on.

3. Take the “80/20 Challenge”. Strive to make 80% of your discretionary purchases (clothing, home goods, etc) on American Made products. We believe this is a very attainable goal for anyone.

4. Be a leader for your friends and family. Send someone a link to an American Made product you think they’d like and ask them to visit our website to get educated. Hand out flyers at your school and work. Do whatever it takes to spread the good message and lets make a difference together.