What is your perceived value of American Made products?

Sample: Men / women from across America of all ages and income levels.
Sample Size: 100


76% of Americans believe that Made in the USA products are higher quality or comparable to similar foreign made products.

80/20 USA conducted a survey of 100 men and women of all ages from across the United States vetting their overall perception of American Made products.

Our results found that on average 76% believe American Made products are either better made or the same quality as comparable imported products. To our surprise 1 in 4 said they assumed American Made products were poorer quality.

The second part of our question was price-related and we found 64% believe American Made products are affordable or at least the same price as similar foreign made products. 36%, about 1 in 3, believe American Made products are expensive.

As we compounded our results we discovered 1 in 3 find that American Made products are both higher quality and affordable. These are the target customers every Made in USA brand wants to find since “quality” and “price” are two of the most challenging market barriers.

Considering demographics, the results were fairly even across the board. Higher income and older Americans had a slightly more positive perception of American Made products. Additionally as income grows and Americans age they find American Made products to be a little more affordable.

Overall we feel that our results are positive and the market for American Made products, regardless of price, is healthy. That being said, the fact that 25% of Americans assume Made in USA products are lower quality than foreign made products should not be shrugged off. Brands offering American Made products should continue emphasizing “quality” to be a little more appealing to the 1 in 4.